Smart middle and primary school – Successful implementation of Yichang Project


After spending more than a year studying the market and industrial trends, spending efforts on marketing, user resource accumulation and product improvement, the smart middle and primary school project that was shortlisted in June for Hubei’s Yichang Student Citizen Card project, was successfully selected on August 22nd, 2016. After being shortlisted, the platform defeated all other competitors with its advanced functions, reliable performance, and good user experience, and the company won the right to develop the Yichang Student Citizen Card Management System in August 2016. The project team visited Yichang and made arrangements to deploy the system on site. At present, the system is already operational.

Initiated by Yichang Smart City Office in cooperation with Yichang Citizen Card Co., Ltd., the Yichang Student Citizen Card project is implemented by Education Bureau of Yichang. The project received investment from seven banks, including Yichang ICBC, Rural Commercial Bank, Hankou Bank, and Hubei Bank, and is supported by three communication service operators. The project covers more than 600 middle and primary schools, and includes 580,000 students and 60,000 teaching staff all over the city. The project provides basic data services such as basic information, consumer information, logistics information, location, grades, courses, and social activities of all schools, teachers, and students, as well as inquiry, statistics, display, comparison, and other data services to Education Bureau. Moreover, it also provides information management methods, including Campus Card, home-school interaction, self-payment, student safety and other information management tools.