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Company overview

Synjones is the leading provider for the campus card system solutions bearing technical advantages and years of experience in the smart card and intelligent transportation business which cover the field of campus intelligence, smart traffic, smart public security, smart park and other related fields.

Synjones provides cloud services to manage schools, enterprises, public security, banks, insurance enterprises, etc., through a new generation of professional information management tools based on cloud computing in Chinese colleges and universities in order to provide exclusive service platform for students and all kinds of high-quality units in person, to provide accurate entrance for all types of businesses and to realize the transformation from a provider for product scheme to an operator of cloud platform.


Innovation and R&D

Synjones always adhere to innovative technology, which is its core power. For many years, it has been officially recognized as the national high-tech enterprise, and also as one of the key software companies in national planning. At present, Synjones has made outstanding achievements in the fields of smart campus card, smart traffic etc. It has also become one of the leading enterprises and one of the drafters for standard in above industries. It is recognized as the enterprise technology center by the government.

Except technology and standard fields, Synjones has accumulated strong Research and Development strength in the field of radio frequency card technology, the software and hardware development of smart card system, mobile Internet technology, near field payment and Internet payment technology, and other aspects. At present, Synjones has broken through the technology of big data analytics and appliances, cloud solutions and relative technology and is gaining a new competitive advantage in core technology. In its business fields, Synjones owns prominent superiority in the research and development of independent intellectual property rights.

The research and development system of Synjones has many subsystems to improve customer experience, project management, quality assurance. It offers organic planning and arrangements to each subsystem such as customer needs and experience, product planning, development, experiment, testing, management, follows closely the latest development of technology, improves continuously the level of product development, so as to ensure Synjones’ leading position of innovative products and services. Synjones can provide for its clients complete solutions from consulting, design, development, manufacturing, engineering and installation, training, customer service integrity for customers.

In the future, Synjones will continue to hold technology innovation as a drive, rely on the fusion appliance of big data, cloud technology and mobile Internet, actively explore and provide the final user-oriented personal services, and to provide solutions to better meet customer needs.

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