System introduction

Smart traffic management and control platform is oriented by basic technology needs of traffic management and public security business. It is a comprehensive service platform providing basic data service and management and control service for traffic control departments and public security users, through the integrated use of image recognition, geographic information system (GIS), large-scale network communication, massive data storage, cloud computing, Internet of things, data warehouse, intelligent data mining and other advanced technical means. XZX-TMS smart traffic management and control platform developed by Synjones is a comprehensive traffic control platform which integrates configuration, monitoring, detection, analysis, release, capture, and judgment. It is a service system based on server, operating system and database, and built on network. It is not only a central management platform which can support the products of smart traffic monitoring system, but also an integrated system which can achieve device access and user services.

Customer value

Data can be interacted with the front-end smart traffic equipment through smart traffic control management and control platform, which achieves visual traffic management.

For administrators
Data statistics, analysis, and summary
Visual command
Assistant analysis and decision-making

For traffic control business personnel
Online on duty
Standardized illegal treatment
Standardized and scientific evidence collection of accidents and criminal investigation saves police force.
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Construction scheme

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    Illegal parking automatic capture system

  • Smart parking syst...

    Smart parking system

  • Cloud storage solu...

    Cloud storage solutions

  • Big data cloud com...

    Big data cloud computing

  • Video cloud analys...

    Video cloud analysis

  • Security checkpoin...

    Security checkpoint system

  • Multi-functional e...

    Multi-functional e-police

  • New e-police

    New e-police

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