System profile

Campus card V3.0 (for large colleges and universities) achieves unified identity authentication, unified payment and settlement by replacing credentials and money with cards and applying multi-purpose cards, which solves the essence of the problems. Campus card system provides mutual sharing, unified service, unified payment and settlement, unified user management, unified accounting, unified security, unified identity authentication, unified card services, unified asset management and unified monitoring for card application systems, single devices, interconnected systems, users, equipment, etc. Technical fields involve: currency computerizing, electronic identity, SAAS, multi-network overlay, information safety, Internet of Things, multi-card application, software integration, varieties of equipment, etc. It is an electronic banking system with management functions, having the functions of electronic identity management and identity recognition and authentication as well.

Customer value

It can improve information management and service level of the colleges, and provide a convenient, fast and secure service for teachers and students in their study, work and life.

For the school
□ Increasing revenue, cutting expenditure and lugging up loopholes;
□ Integrating resources, sharing information and improving management and service levels;
□ Unifying the school image, promoting the school brand, and bringing the long-term social benefits.

For teachers and students
□ Providing a convenient, fast and secure service in their study, work and life;
□ Setting a variety of credentials and wallets in one card, convenient and simple;
□ Providing security verification which avoids the unsafe factors of carrying cash.

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Construction Content

From the perspective of functions, the construction contents include financial trading center, identity management center, office hall, service hall, application system for teller services, application system for business consumption, application system for identity recognition, reconstruction of varieties of terminals and lines, etc. From the perspective of physical composition, the construction contents include system background equipment, background support software, hardware and software for front-end equipment, application service system, card processing system, network facilities for operation and maintenance supervision hardware and software, etc.

Construction scheme

  • Central systems

    Central systems

  • Front-end system

    Front-end system

  • Service bus

    Service bus

  • Application system

    Application system

  • Human-machine inte...

    Human-machine interface

  • Identity carrier

    Identity carrier

  • Technical standard...

    Technical standards and specifications

  • Information securi...

    Information security system

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