CL1306 car POS machine

CL1306 car POS machine is a terminal trading equipment designed for automotive applications in the one-card system. This car POS machine has two models of GPRS networking and WIFI networking. It can automatically detect the network status, have an automatic networking when the network signal is in good condition, timely download the personnel updates and upload the current accounts. Also, it can identify the M1 card and CPU card at the 13.56MHz band issued by the one-card system, use the main wallet in the card for consumption, use the fixed consumption, and support the identity rate control. It adopts the local white list authentication mechanism, automatically identifies the network status (offline / online adaptation), automatically uploads transactions and updates white lists when online.

Vehicle-mounted POS -CL 1306

  • Function features
  • Technical parameters
  • Offline / online adaptation: the car POS machine automatically detects the network status, and gets networked when the network signal is in good condition; there is no need for human intervention from offline state to automatically switched to online state.
  • Effective white list management: the number of white lists recorded in the car POS machine, is the number of valid (issued and unreserved) lists in the one-card system, irrelevant with the largest account number; the white list capacity is of 500,000.
  • Wireless network: the car POS machine can respectively support GPRS network and WIFI network, can support multiple SSIDs in WIFI mode, and automatically select the SSID with high information quality for connection.
  • The car POS machine adopts the fixed consumption, and supports the identity rate & identity restriction. The identity restriction only supports two states: enabled and disabled.
  • The auto-fill mechanism automatically overwrites the error card within the specified time after the card writing has failed. Remote reloading white list function solves the problem of the list being not synchronized generated by replacing the POS machine number.
  • Adopt the ARM9 core processor
  • Onboard 32MB RAM and 128MB FLASH
  • Built-in WIFI module or GPRS module
  • The software system uses the embedded LINUX