Intelligent water control management system

Intelligent water control management system is a new type of water control charging & management system for the campus water use status and management characteristics developed by the Synjones company. The scientific water management method of the user purchasing water first and using water next, charged more by using more, charged less by using less, automatically closing the valve and stopping water supply by no fee can be achieved through the system software, water controller, management machine, card and network communication. This is an ideal solution to solve the problem of difficult water management in colleges and universities. Also, it can greatly save water resources to bring huge economic and social benefits for the school and society.

Function features
  • For the system software B/S framework, server installation and browser login operation, support multiple browsers; have a seamless connection with the card, and real-time synchronization account;
  • Support multiple identity unit prices; the gateway supports account storage and turnover storage;
  • Multiple output controls: electric valve, solenoid valve, anti-shear valve, electrical level output, and pulse output;
  • Support a variety of measuring instruments: cold water meter, boiled water meter, and flow meter;
  • Multiple charging modes: quantity-based type, time-based type, and number-based type;
  • Hardware equipment fully support the program online upgrade.

System function

Intelligent water control function brief

System products

All-in-one water controller

All-in-one water controller

Water controller