Desktop resident ID card reading machine DKQ-A16D

Product overview: adopt the international advanced TypeB non-contact IC card reading technology, through the built-in special ID card security control module, carry out the security certification by means of wireless transmission and the chip within the second-generation resident ID card, then read out the personal information in the chip, and finally display and store the personal information and photos through the computer communication interface and the reading software installed on the computer.

  • Function features
  • Brief technical index
  • Can read and query all the information of second-generation resident ID card; can verify the authenticity of the second-generation resident ID card;
  • Flexible operation, random reading software, and automatic settings for communication port and communication parameters; automatic card seeking and reading; and equipped with the voice prompt function;
  • With good openness, can be applied to a variety of application systems;
  • With strong integration, can provide SDK to provide the secondary development platform based on Win system for the system integrator; products have exquisite appearance, powerful functions, and simple operations;
  • High-quality materials, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and static electricity; strong thermal stability, simple and elegant, and small size; rapid card reading speed, with the time of less than 1 second.
  • Specification & dimension 210×145×35mm Weight <1Kg
  • Card reading distance not less than 5cm Area for induction zone 100×100mm
  • Card reading time <1s Maximum flare angle between the card and the plane of induction zone 70°
  • Working frequency 13.56Mhz Communication interface RS232 or USB communication interface
  • Development kit Recommended platform WIN98/2000/XP
  • Development tool SDK support VC/DELPHI/VB/PB and so on
  • Power supply system System DC power supply: DC 5V 500mA
  • Card reading system Radio frequency technology Conform to ISO14443 Type B standard
  • Working environment Operating temperature: 0°C ~50°C Storage temperature: -40°C ~60°C
  • Security module dedicated module for ID card verification system
  • Working relative humidity: ≤90% Atmospheric pressure/ KPa: 60-110
  • Storage & transportation relative humidity (40°C): 20% - 93%