System introduction

With the deepening practice and application of safe city construction, the city public security video surveillance system is transforming from a pure technical means for city public security to a large and comprehensive video image information system. It is not only an important part of "safe city", but also an important carrier of "digital city".

Customer value

It can meet the needs of public security management, city management, traffic management, emergency command, etc. At the same time, it is of great significance for the establishment of crime prevention and control system.

For the fight against crime
It plays an important role in preventing, discovering, controlling and fighting illegal crimes, providing clues to solve cases, confirming evidence of illegal crimes, etc., which cannot be replaced by defence of human resources or material resources.
For the city management
It can take into account the needs for video images of disaster warning, safety production monitoring, environment and other aspects, which helps to enhance the level of urban visual management and government emergency response capabilities, to establish a social security prevention and control system.
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Construction scheme

  • Actual combat appl...

    Actual combat application platform system

  • Alarm system

    Alarm system

  • Mobile police syst...

    Mobile police system

  • Visual dispatch an...

    Visual dispatch and command system

  • High-positioned mo...

    High-positioned monitoring system

  • Smart monitoring s...

    Smart monitoring system

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