Smart park one-card platform

Introduction of smart park one-card platform: “smart park one-card” improves overall management efficiency, work efficiency, and living standards of the park through the Internet of things technology, cloud technology, and smart card application technology. “Smart park” solution has always been concerned about the relationship between the various functional departments of management committee and many enterprises in the park. A new service model architecture built on the informative technology and means provides a perfect and smooth interactive platform for the management and services of the park and enterprises. It strengthens innovation, service and management capabilities of the park, and creates a super soft power for the science and technology park.

Construction significance

The main objectives of the smart park construction can be divided into two levels. One of them is to serve the science and technology park management committee directly, further improve the park’s internal administrative management capabilities, and enhance the park’s service capabilities in promoting enterprise innovation;

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The key lies in “smart”: first it strengthens the park internal interactive communication and management ability by means of information technology; secondly, it emphasizes to enhance the various resources integration of the management committee and enterprises in the park.
System composition
Based on the area network, “smart park one-card developed by Synjones”, taking campus data center as a platform, having sub application systems of access control, attendance, business spending, parking lot management, and visitor management, etc., meets the different needs of users in different scale.
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Construction scheme

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    SMS platform system

  • Power control mana...

    Power control management system

  • Water control mana...

    Water control management system

  • Attendance managem...

    Attendance management system

  • Access control man...

    Access control management system

  • Self-service cash ...

    Self-service cash service system

  • Bank transferring ...

    Bank transferring system

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    Business consumption system

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