Intelligent electricity control management system

Synjones intelligent electricity control management system is an intelligent electricity control management system carefully developed by the Synjones company according to the actual characteristics of electricity status quo in the Chinese colleges and universities. It carries on the scientific metering and charging, as well as control and management on the campus dormitory electricity through the international advanced automatic identification control and computer network technologies, which completely changes the traditional electricity management modes of manual charging and manual meter reading. With the powerful functions and accurate measurement, the system has a variety of specifications including centralized type, hierarchical type, networking type and non-networking type. Users can flexibly make the choice according to the actual situation. This can completely solve the problem of difficult electricity management in the school.

System advantages
  • Software has powerful functions.
  • Centralized management, centralized control, and easy to maintain.
  • Simple installation, and stable, safe & reliable operation.
  • Users can flexibly choose the centralized or layered design according to their needs.
  • Layered cabinets, with little space occupation and no centralized wiring required, are suitable for old building renovation and unit-typed apartment.
  • The operations of WINDOWS interface is easy to learn.

System function

Electricity control function brief

Overview of system section

Main functions of system

Host (software) function

Technical parameters