Self-reissue machine

The main function of self-reissue machine is to carry out fully automatic card reissue and replacement. Products have identity recognition function and card printing function. The user can use valid student ID and password or second-generation ID card and password to complete the whole process of self-service card reissue and replacement.

  • Product function
  • Main components for the complete machine
  • Support multiple cards of 13.56MHz: Mifare 1 card, and RF ISO 14443 TypeA CPU card.
  • Card reissue and replacement function The card reissue and replacement business can be handled for users through two authentication methods of ID card plus password or student number plus password. When the amount in the account is less than the set fee for card reissue and replacement, the card shall not be reissued.
  • Picture printing function You can voluntarily set the print format, and print the relevant personal information and photos on the card.
  • Receipt printing function The card reissue and replacement receipts are the receipts for confirming that the user has successfully completed a card reissue or replacement business.
  • 17'' touch display screen
  • Card printer
  • Code keyboard
  • Second-generation reader
  • Card reader
  • UPS power supply