Data resources center

Set up data standard, realize data exchange, and provide data service and related application data resource center for campus card system. Make use of data integration middleware to set up data standard, realize data exchange, and establish a safe, reliable, stable, standard and unified data warehouse for various information systems on campus. In addition, the data resource center externally provides unified data interfaces, provides data services for application development, and provides data sharing, subscription / push services, and data presentations to the authorized users.

Product features
  • Provide more efficient and accurate data exchange. Provide real-time data backup, white list synchronization, information push and other functions for the campus card. The campus card bound with flowing student number can solve the problem of historical flowing query.
  • Bring more simple and efficient interfaces for information systems, increase data turnover between systems, and at the same time, facilitate the centralized presentations and operations.
  • Standard data information facilitates the data acquisition for information systems, and is conducive to the standardization of information systems.
  • The stored data are used for data statistics and analysis, fully tapping the values of the data.
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