Transfer machine

QCJ-126 UEC transfer machine adopts the 17'' touch screen wall-mounted design with stylish appearance, small size and convenient operation. It is particularly suitable for magnetic cards, IC card inquiries, document printing, card top-up, agent fees and other daily applications, which makes customers get rid of space and time constraints and obtain services wherever they are, facilitates the card-held customers, and improves the school’s information service image.

Transfer machine

  • Product features
  • Function parameter
  • With stylish and beautiful appearance and ultra-thin volume, the space is saved
  • 17'' touch screen design with simple and practical operation, can be used for information release, advertising, propaganda film playback and so on
  • Abundant functions: set the campus card transfer, payment, query and other services in one
  • Adopt the windows operating system with more simple maintenance and more colorful and beautiful interface
  • Full reinforced steel structure with high security; adopt the explosion-resistant touch screen, password anti-peep and hardware encryption technologies
  • 17'' infrared touch screen is the liquid crystal display of water resistance, explosion resistance, dust prevention and electrostatic prevention, with its resolution ratio of 1024*768
  • Taiwan ES-R58CL2 58MM thermal printer supports the automatic paper-cutting function, and the print life is greater than 50KM
  • HTWD590 standard metal explosion-resistant encryption keyboard has two modes: clear-text and cipher-text
  • HTWD MAIN-02 supports non-contact of ISO14443 standard and TYPE A standard, and supports M1, CPU and SIMPASS cards
  • HTWD427 is in line with ISO7812 standard 2/3
  • Physical specification: height * width * length = 720 * 460 * 178 (mm)