WG-226 business gateway

As a business subsystem of one-card system, the business gateway is not only a kind of special-purpose communication equipment with industrialized design, but also a bridge and relay station between the business subnet and data communication in the central database. The business gateway is directly connected to the campus network via the TCP / IP communication protocol, and forms a business subnet with the consumer POS machine through the RS-485 communication mode; at the same time, it can carry out simple business statistics and parameter setting functions.

Commerce gateway WG-126/226

  • Product value
  • Product highlights
  • New design concept: the main functions of new version of business gateway, and query & print functions achieve the logical unity and physical separation. The two series of products including WG-226-type business gateway and SZ-126-type merchant query terminal are formed on this concept.
  • More excellent performance. The new version of business gateway uses an industrial personal computer motherboard with higher performance as the control core (with AtomTM N270 1.6GHz processor, support 2GB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM, and support ISA, USB, 100M Ethernet, CF card and other interfaces), equipped with Linux OS 2.6 operating system, and has more excellent performance and more stable operation. It adopts OLED highlighting display screen with clear and smooth display effects.
  • Stronger lightning protection and anti-interference abilities: the new version of business gateway is required to be installed in a standard cabinet, more conducive to the implementation of lightning protection grounding treatment; TVS tube, ceramic discharge tube and other measures are increased inside the new version of business gateway, and the lightning protection & anti-interference abilities will be stronger.
  • Newly added master and slave gateway operating mode: if the master and slave gateway operating mode is selected, the slave gateway also has a strong monitoring function on the master gateway, in addition to the same functions of the master gateway. When the master gateway is working abnormally, the slave gateway will switch the POS machine communication lines to its own communication control circuits, taking over the business control work of the master gateway; when the master gateway fails abnormally, it can take over the business control from the slave gateway in the shortest possible time to reduce the panic caused by POS downtime, ensure the integrity of business data, and reduce the pressure of system maintenance.
  • Remote online upgrade, convenient and fast: for the gateway of this model, as long as the Ethernet network is available, through the gateway management software, the online upgrade of gateway program can be achieved; the online upgrade of POS machine can also be achieved, which greatly reduces the pressure of product maintenance and effectively decreases the upgrade & maintenance costs of one-card system.
  • POS machine patrol scanning, management function, manage POS machine business, collect POS business data, send the required POS parameters, lists and other data, maintain 500,000-1,000,000 white lists for system, and automatically prevent the fake cards.
  • Clear up 5,000 black lists, and download to the POS machine.
  • Set up business scope by identity (100 kinds), and set up consumption coefficient by identity (100 kinds).
  • Support offline work. Support transaction, subsidy, account reconciliation, on credit, offline and other types of turnovers.
  • The slave gateway is responsible for monitoring the working status of the master gateway.