2C solution

The core target user of Synjones 2C solution is 30 million college students. The high-level intellectual, young, active people lead the life way and consumption idea of contemporary Chinese youth.

  • "1000+ million core users"

    At present, there are 10 million college students to use Synjones smart hardware and software products, which are the core target users of 2C solution.

  • “Large campus"

    Campus, not only includes students, campus personnel and person around campus are also in the “large campus”, which are the users serviced by 2C solution.

  • ”After graduation"

    After students graduate, they still contact with campus. Their history data and campus interpersonal relationship is the tache of Synjones keeping in touch with users.

Products and services

Synjones brings together quality merchants within a 3 km radius around the universities, and online merchants as partners, to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services in different learning, life, and social integration domains to users via IoT, including mobile applications for mobile/PC/MAC, bracelet-type and other wearables, as well as biometric identification features.