Cash top-up machine

Self-service cash top-up machine adopts the method of combining terminal and software to provide users with safe, fast, diversified and integrated self-service. On the one hand, the terminal provides the channels for cash self-service top up, self-service query and information acquisition for the card-holders; on the other hand, the self-service platform, compatible with self-service cash top-up machine and other terminals, provides unified management and service support. The self-service cash top-up machine supports 7 * 24-hour non-stop self-service cash top up, which eases the counter pressure of cash counter top up, saves manpower and material resources, effectively makes up for the deficiencies of the two top-up methods mentioned above, and better meets the multiple top-up needs of users.

Operation interface

  • Product function
  • Product highlights
  • Campus card cash top-up
  • Campus card balance enquiry
  • Notification and advertising presentation
  • Top-up business real-time online transaction ensures fund security and data synchronization
  • Support 13.56MHz Mifare1 card and CPU card
  • The banknote recognition module supports all RMB banknotes of 1~100, and can be equipped with the supported banknote denominations
  • The security money box can store up to 1,000 banknotes (the actual number of banknotes has something to do with the banknote condition and other factors)
  • When the user puts money into the note mouth, the hidden camera above the note mouth will record the whole-course video of putting money
  • Voice prompt: when the user carries on the terminal service operation, the voice prompts the correct operation procedure to reduce the user’s misoperation