Service hall

As a school integrated service platform, the service hall will integrate the campus card service, payment service, attendance service, reservation service and other series of services, optimize the business processes, and provide the online business handling, data query & statistical analysis and other services; at the same time, combined with the application of self-service terminal equipment, achieve the office automatization & mobilization, improve the work quality and work efficiency, improve the customer satisfaction, reduce unnecessary resource investment, and provide more convenient, faster and more efficient one-stop services for all teachers and students.

Product value
  • Trans-campus: can provide the one-stop trans-campus services.
  • Process customization: business processes can be customized, offline businesses can be easily shifted online, and businesses can be handled at any time and any place with no need for running around any longer;
  • Multi-platform: fully support WEB, APP and WAP, and achieve mobile office, not limited by time, place and equipment.
  • Message push: business turnover message and real-time progress are pushed to the responsible persons of various links;
  • Associated apparatus: the supporting self-service terminal equipment can provide 24-hour campus card service;
  • Extended services: have a fast docking with the school application system, and achieve all-round one-stop service through this platform.

Product features

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