One-card for enterprises

One-card standard edition (for enterprises) provides a low-cost and easy-to-maintain one-card system for service-oriented architecture for enterprises. After service customization and integration, it will meet the demands of identity authentication, consumption, access control, attendance, water control, electricity control, conference management and others, which cover every aspect of enterprise users’ life, study, work and management. Based on pure B/S architecture, it enables the users to deal with all kinds of businesses through webpage. It is characterized by one-click installation, unified configuration, high system integration level, unified authorization, convenient maintenance, etc.

Customer value

It can improve information management and service level of the enterprises, and provide a convenient, fast and secure service for teachers and students in their study, work and life.

For the enterprises
□ Increasing revenue, cutting expenditure and lugging up loopholes;
□ Integrating resources, sharing information and improving management and service levels;
□ Unifying the enterprises image, promoting the enterprises brand, and bringing the long-term social benefits.
For employee
□ Providing a convenient, fast and secure service in their study, work and life;
□ Setting a variety of credentials and wallets in one card, convenient and simple;
□ Providing security verification which avoids the unsafe factors of carrying cash.
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