Authentication center

Based on the basic data of the campus card, compatible with third-party data standards, formulate an identity data standard that meets their own authentication needs. Provide safe, stable and fast data acquisition middleware, and make the identity authentication center integrate authentication, monitoring and analysis in one.

Product value
  • Improve part of the expanded uses of the campus card data serving as the campus data center, along with higher authentication efficiency.
  • Provide a wealth of identity information standard collection & development functions, and extend the management function of the identity authentication center based on the authentication; closely combined with the data center, and along with the standardized data, it conforms to the information standards of Ministry of Education for personnel information in colleges and universities.
  • Provide unified single sign-on based on the identity authentication, lay the foundation for the realization of digital campus, establish the unified login and unified authority management, and provide the data support.
  • Provide the campus card identity authentication center based on BS, respectively including: identity information standard module, unified identity authentication module, identity service module, and identity data auditing module.

System function

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