Educational administration & attendance system

Allocate the classroom resources, serve the educational administration management, and provide timely attendance information and attendance statistic data. Educational administration & attendance is an important part of daily teaching management work. For the school, the attendance management has an important role in ensuring the teaching order and enhancing the work efficiency. Efficient, accurate and convenient to solve the school attendance will help schools to improve their teaching management efficiency, optimize the course arrangement, and reasonably allocate the use of classroom resources. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the informationalized attendance management for students.

Product features
  • Specialty
    The specialized educational administration & attendance system supports multiple educational systems for docking and a variety of attendance machine for access. It has specialized interactive design and perfect user experience.
  • Easy to expand
    Exchange business system data through a data resource center; intelligent data analysis software customizes reports; there is no need to make any changes to the business system.
  • Unified
    Adopt B/S framework, convenient for deployment, expansion and maintenance.
    Have unified authorization, control and management of the businesses concerning educational administration and attendance.
  • Service
    Support a variety of terminal equipment, and 24-hour multi-channel full coverage businesses.

Function module

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