Security checkpoint equipment

In recent years, with the continuous development of the social economy, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, and the popularity of vehicles is also increasing; but at the same time, the security problem is also more and more prominent, especially the criminal and security cases in relation to vehicles. Under such circumstances, how to use the advanced technology means to suppress traffic accidents, combat and prevent vehicle-related cases, deter criminals, and then improve the overall urban traffic management level has become a big problem in front of the public security and transportation departments. The bayonet system is born in such environment.
Synjones intelligent detection and recording system for road vehicles (hereinafter referred to as high-definition bayonet system) is mainly composed of front-end information collection part, network transmission part and central management part. The core equipment of front-end information collection system is the embedded integrated high-definition camera. The equipment is for independent research and development of our company, and adopts the Linux operating system, integrating vehicle detection, retrograde capture, over-speed capture, vehicle information identification, vehicle information extraction, traffic information collection, traffic incident detection, fill light control, video and data transmission. It possesses simple structure, stable performance, high reliability, and strong environmental adaptability.

System structure diagram

  • Product function
  • Product features
  • Front-end cyclic covering and breakpoint resume functions
  • Equipment status automatic upload and remote maintenance functions
  • Front-end chassis anti-theft & alarm functions
  • Possess the system expansion function
  • Vehicle traffic record
  • Single point over-speed / interval over-speed automatic recording function
  • Possess the license plate recognition function
  • Possess the automatic fill light function
  • Image tamper-proofing function
  • Possess the vehicle deployment & alarm functions
  • Possess the traffic flow statistic function
  • Possess the vehicle body color recognition function
  • Possess the vehicle model recognition function
  • Possess the character superimposition function
  • Possess the video surveillance & video recording functions
  • When the front-end is equipped with the terminal server, front-end storage can be supported