In recent years, with the increase in the number of urban motor vehicles, the illegal phenomena of motor vehicles have become a major problem in the traffic police departments. Especially the road intersections, have become the key areas in the urban road network where the traffic congestion occurs. While the illegal phenomena, such as vehicles running a red light, do not follow the guide lane, retrograde, and so on, are the main incentives for causing the road traffic accidents.
In order to protect people’s livelihood & safety and ease the traffic, various regions have continued to pay attention to and increase the construction and investment efforts of urban traffic e-police system. The development of e-police products is also changing very quickly.
With the development of the city and the progress of science and technology, the original illegal capture functions of e-police have been unable to meet the requirements of traffic management and safe city. The new e-police (hereinafter referred to as multi-functional e-police), with the integration of security bayonet, a variety of illegal captures, whole road section surveillance video, and traffic flow detection, is the first choice for intelligent transportation projects.

E-police system composition

  • Product function
  • Product features
  • Running the red light illegal capture function, bayonet monitoring & recording function, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian capture function, and facial forensics capture function.
  • Retrograde recording function, breaking ban recording function, recording function for driving into the guide lane not according to the desired direction of travel, not driving according to the required lane.
  • Recording function for illegal lane changing, recording function for illegal parking, traffic flow statistic function, vehicle logo recognition function, vehicle model recognition function, safety belt recognition function.
  • All-weather high-definition imaging function, high-definition image recording function, intelligent fill light function, number plate automatic recognition function, vehicle body color recognition function.
  • High-definition video recording function, data storage function, data transmission function, picture compositing function, picture & video tamper-proofing function, illegal short video recording function, and breakpoint resume function.
  • Integrated intelligent camera, integrating the analysis, illegal detection, license plate recognition, video recording, and traffic flow detection;
  • High-definition camcorder adopts the CCD camcorder with the pixels no less than 6 million / 6.8 million;
  • Capture three high-definition pictures, and make the picture superimposes date, time, place, direction and other information synthesized into a picture;
  • Capture rate for running the red light: >90%; image resolution ratio: ≥2752*2208/3392*2008;
  • Under the conditions of fogless environment and clear license plate, the vehicle license recognition rate is greater than 90%;
  • Each illegal record corresponds to a high-definition video including the illegal process.
  • Support H.264 high-definition video recording with the resolution ratio no less than 1080P and the frame rate no less than 25 frames/second
  • Protection class of system design: IP55, able to be resistant to water, dust and theft, along with good heat dissipation;
  • Electrical devices have overloading, grounding, electric leakage, short-circuit protection devices and lightning protection devices, and conform to the relevant national electric appliance safety standards;
  • The insulation resistance between the system 220V live part and shell is greater or equal to 10MΩ, and the leakage current is less than or equal to 5mA;
  • Overall insulation >500MΩ (at the room temperature); anti-electricity 1500VDC, 1 minute
  • The fault-free time is more than 24,000 hours; operating ambient temperature -40°C ~ +75°C, relative humidity ≤95%;
  • Adaptable supply voltage AC 176V~264V; possess the high-definition video recording function, and achieve the monitoring on the entire intersection

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