Intelligent traffic high-definition camera

3 million pixels, 6 million pixels, 7 million pixels, 8 million pixels, 1/1.8" progressive scan CCD, the maximum resolution ratio can come up to 2048*1536, and the frame rate can come up to 25 frames;
Support the dual stream, and adopt the advanced video compression technology H.264 encoding with high compression ratio and very flexible processing; at the same time, support MJPEG encoding; the pictures are captured by using the JPEG encoding, and the image quality can be set;
Support flash light automatic light control function; support capture synchronization flash light output; support up to 3 flash light synchronization outputs; support a variety of fill light ways: independent flash, no flash, associated flash, alternative flash, strobe flash, and so on;
Support traffic signal status input; support the intelligent recognition function, built-in license plate recognition function, built-in vehicle model recognition function, built-in vehicle body color recognition function, built-in line-pressing, retrograde, running the red light, driving not according to the guiding, and other illegal detection functions.

Adopt the capture mode in the intelligent integrated capture unit

  • Product features
  • Technical parameters
  • Support double shutter, video stream and capture frame outputs simultaneously
  • Road monitoring, dual stream support, and image quality can be set
  • Support capture synchronization flash light output
  • Support a variety of fill light ways
  • Support flash light automatic light control function
  • Support traffic signal status input and signal light synchronization control functions
  • Support multiple capture modes
  • Optocoupler isolation input common coil capture
  • Optocoupler isolation input coil speed detection capture
  • RS-485 triggers capture, and supports the network trigger continuous capture function
  • Video bayonet virtual coil capture
  • Support the intelligent recognition function, license plate recognition, and vehicle model recognition
  • Support picture composition function, local picture storage, automatic coverage and automatic upload
  • Videos and captures independently control the automatic exposure; videos and captured pictures are independently equipped with the character superimposition function
  • Support local video preview and local picture storage & retrieval
  • Support automatic coverage, automatic upload, and external USB storage device
  • Support hardware watchdog, and configuration file import & export

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