2.0 megapixel superlow light level stellarcamera

The highest resolution ratio can come up to 2 million pixels (1920×1080); the maximum output can come up to Full HD 1080p@30fps real-time image; progressively scan CMOS; the captured moving image has no jagged edges; the code stream has smoothing settings, which adapts to the different requirements of customers for image quality and fluency in different scenarios. Support GBK font library, superposition of more Chinese characters and rarely-used Chinese characters, and optional OSD color; adopt ROI, SVC and other video compression technologies, and have high compression ratio, very flexible processing, ultra-low time delay and ultra-low code rate; support smart265 encoding, ICR infrared filter type automatic switching, and achieve a real day and night monitoring; support the independent configurations for two sets of day and night parameters, ternary code stream, mobile phone monitoring, penetrating fog and strong light suppression; and possess a variety of white balance modes, suitable for a variety of scene needs; support GB28181 protocol; support EHOME platform access; support NAS, Email, FTP, NTP server testing; support HTTPS, SSH and other security certifications; support for creating certificates.

2.0 megapixel superlow light level stellarcamera

  • Product features
  • Technical parameters
  • 2 million pixels 1/1.8" CMOS ultra wide dynamic, and the maximum output can come up to Full HD 1080p@60fps real-time image
  • Progressively scan CMOS; the captured moving image has no jagged edges; the code stream has smoothing settings; support ROI, SVC and other video compression technologies
  • Wide dynamic range comes up to 120dB; support the outputs of ternary code stream at the same time; support penetrating fog and electronic anti-shake
  • Support backlight compensation and electronic automatic shutter functions, automatic diaphragm, slow shutter, and corridor mode
  • Possess the cross-border detection, scene change detection, regional intrusion detection, mobile detection, and face detection; support GB28181 protocol, license plate recognition, and vehicle body color recognition; image quality can be set.
  • Sensor type: 1/1.8" CMOS
  • Minimum illumination: color 0.002Lux@ (F1.2, AGC ON);
  • Minimum illumination: black and white 0.0002Lux@ (F1.2, AGC ON)
  • Shutter: 1/25 seconds to 1/100,000 seconds; Lens interface type: C/CS interface
  • Automatic diaphragm: DC drive; Day and night conversion mode: ICR infrared filter type
  • Wide dynamic range: 120dB; Video compression standard: H.264/MJPEG
  • Compression output code rate: 32 Kbps~16M bps; Image format: JPEG
  • Maximum image size: 1920*1080
  • Resolution frame rate 50fps (1920×1080,1280×960 and 1280×720)
  • Resolution frame rate 25fps (1920×1080,1280×960 and 1280×720)
  • Image settings: corridor mode, saturation, brightness, contrast, white balance, gain, and 3D noise reduction, adjustable by software
  • Image function: support penetrating fog, backlight compensation and electronic anti-shake
  • Storage function: support SD/SDHC, USB storage devices

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