F200 fingerprint ID card reader

Product overview: desktop resident ID card reading machine F200A (BU) follows the GA450 General Technical Requirements of Desktop ID Card Reader of Ministry of Public Security; it can read out the personal information such as text, digitally compressed photo, etc inside the resident identification card, displayed by sending them to the computer via USB, and then carry on the identity card identification & entry. Also, it can be wirelessly connected to smart phones, tablet personal computers and other equipment through the bluetooth mode, facilitating the use of customers.
It can be widely used in public security, civil administration, banks, hotels, civil aviation, post offices, securities, supermarkets, Internet cafes and other sectors or industry windows and counters. It fulfills the comprehensive needs to carry out identity card verification and personal identity information collection for citizens.

  • Function features
  • Brief technical index
  • Basic function: can read the general information, photos and additional information on the second-generation ID card.
  • Indicator light function: adopt the two indicator lights on the safety module, and use a light-guide pillar for export.
  • Two indicator lights, are respectively the red light on the right for power indication and the green light on the left for operating indication; the red light in the middle is the fault indicator light.
  • USB interface. Beep prompt function.
  • Card reading time: ≤ 1 second ◇ Maximum card reading distance: not less than 30 mm ◇ Provide a complete SDK software package to carry out the secondary development for the system integrator, and support VC / DELPHI
  • Working frequency 13.56MHz±7KHz
  • Modulation method ASK and BPSK bluetooth communication modes Bluetooth 4.0, downwards compatible with 2.0 devices
  • The communication rate with the card 106 Kbit/s
  • Check cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  • Maximum card reading distance not less than 30 mm
  • Power supply USB powered Battery capacity 2500(mAh)
  • Interface USB2.0 compatible USB1.1 Boundary dimension 155mm×96mm×26mm
  • Operating temperature 0°C ~ 50°C Operating relative humidity (40°C) less than 90%
  • Storage & transportation temperature -40°C~60°C Storage & transportation relative humidity (40°C) 20%~93%