Desktop resident ID card reading machine F200A

Product overview: F200-type desktop resident ID card reader is a resident identity verification equipment, researched, developed and produced by our company, with the integration of fingerprint acquisition, resident ID card information reading and fingerprint matching & verification functions. This equipment effectively integrates the optical fingerprint acquisition technology, resident ID card reading technology and fingerprint matching & verification algorithm, which can help customers quickly and efficiently to achieve the document information reading, fingerprint acquisition, matching & verification and other operations. This acquisition and verification equipment can be widely used for the identity information verification in the fields of public security, customs, airports, finance, education and other industries.

  • Function features
  • Brief technical index
  • Conform to the Ministry of Public Security’s GA450 General Technical Requirements for Desktop Resident ID Card Reader, GA/T 1011-2012 standard of General Technical Requirements for Resident ID Card Fingerprint Collector, and ISO14443 (Type B) international standard;
  • Possess the second-generation ID card text, image, fingerprint information reading functions; possess the fingerprint acquisition, fingerprint information and fingerprint verification functions
  • Possess the voice prompt of card reading and acquisition prompt functions; card reading time: ≤ 1 second; card reading distance: ≤30mm
  • Provide a complete SDK software package conforming to the ministerial standards to carry out the secondary development for the system integrator, and support VC / DELPHI; fully support Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows7 and other operating systems with strong versatility;
  • Connect the PC terminal via the USB interface.
  • Fingerprint acquisition part Acquisition window size 20.0mm×27.0mm
  • Image pixels 256 × 360 pixels Image resolution ratio 500 DPI
  • Image grayscale 256 gray-level Dynamic gray level > 150 levels
  • Acquisition time <0.25S Image size about 100K Bytes
  • Electrostatic immunity ≥15 KV Effective area 14.4mm×18.5mm
  • Card reading distance not less than 30 mm Working frequency 13.56MHZ
  • Complete machine part Working voltage 5.0V±0.25V Auxiliary power supply DC 5V 1A
  • Power-supply system USB + auxiliary power supply Interface USB2.0, compatible USB1.1
  • Second-generation card reading part RFID ISO14443 TYPEB standard
  • Relative humidity 20%RH - 90%RH Operating temperature -10°C -55°C
  • Storage temperature -40°C -60°C Boundary dimension 120*195*34mm