Product overview: DKQ-A16D (DOL) type desktop resident ID card reading machine, conforms to the General Technical Requirements for Desktop Resident ID Card Reading Machine of Ministry of Public Security, which can effectively capture the texts, digital compression photos and other personal information within the IC card & resident ID card.
Desktop resident ID card reading machine has compact structure and simple operation. It can be widely used in public security, civil administration, banks, hotels, civil aviation, post offices, securities, supermarkets, Internet cafes and other sectors or industry windows and counters. It fulfills the comprehensive needs to carry out identity card verification and personal identity information collection for citizens.

  • Range of application
  • Brief technical index
  • It can be widely used for the identity information verification in the fields of public security, customs, airports, finance, education and other industries.
  • Working frequency 13.56MHz±7000Hz
  • Modulation method ASK and BPSK
  • The communication rate with the card 106 Kbps
  • Check cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  • Induction distance not less than 30mm
  • Maximum flare angle between the card and the plane of induction zone 70°
  • Power supply single-cell lithium battery for power supply
  • Operating temperature 0°C ~50°C
  • Usage relative humidity (40°C) 20%~90%
  • Storage temperature 0°C ~40°C
  • Storage relative humidity (40°C) 30%~93%
  • Boundary dimension 207*125.8*33mm