Portable reading machine DKQ-718D

DKQ-718D portable resident ID card reading machine is a new second-generation card reading machine through the independent design of Harbin Synjones Huake Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. This product adds the second-generation card reading and fingerprint recognition functions on the basis of high-performance Android intelligent machine functions. This device has passed the test of China Security Protection and Certification Center, obtained the certificate, and is authorized to affix GA mark; at the same time, it is licensed for photo decoding software of Ministry of Public Security. DKQ-718D portable resident ID card reading machine applies to the multiple application fields needing the mobile inspection on the second-generation card, such as social security, public security, transportation, examination, etc.

Portable machine DKQ-718D

  • Function features
  • Brief technical index
  • 1) A9 architecture 1.2G dual-core, 1G memory, and rapid operating process & card reading 2) 4.63-inch TFT liquid crystal display, and identity information is displayed immediately;
  • 3) Can be equipped with fingerprint function, used for fingerprint acquisition and verification; 4) Human engineering design, high-strength housing, and small size, easy to carry;
  • 5) Android 4.0 and above operating system, convenient for secondary development; 6) 4000mA high-capacity lithium battery, and continuous working time of more than 8 hours;
  • 7) 5 million high-definition camera equipped with LED fill light, convenient for portrait collection; 8) Built-in photo decoding software under the Android system authorized by the Ministry of Public Security;
  • 9) This product has passed the test of China Security Protection and Certification Center.
  • Operating system: Android OS 4.0 and above CPU: dual-core 1G A9 architecture
  • Liquid crystal display: 4.63-inch TFT Main screen color: 16 million colors
  • Network mode: GSM and WCDMA Network type: single-card and dual-mode
  • Data service: GPRS, EDGE and HSPA Supported frequency band: 2G/3G
  • Fingerprint (optional): semiconductor fingerprint instrument
  • Bluetooth transmission: wireless AP, version 4.0 or higher
  • WLAN function: WIFI, and IEEE 802.11 n/b/g
  • GPS navigation: built-in GPS, and support A-GPS