Xi’an Jiaotong University: A highlight application of new version of freshmen-registration system


University can achieve the following goals by freshmen-welcoming system developed by Synjones:

1. Count, inquire and analyze all the data in orientation, registration and other businesses, and provide data basis for next management and evidence for making decisions;

2. Conduct a real-time monitoring of enrollment to avoid arrearage of freshmen. Accelerate the processing of green channel, quarantine inspection and other businesses.

3. Dispatch the businesses of freshmen orientation and registration uniformly. Its collaboration office mechanism simplifies and optimizes the workflow to a great extent, which greatly improves work efficiency;

4. Customize business process and reports for orientation and registration system. Flexible process configuration meets variable demands;

5. Convenient service system provides thoughtful and timely service for uses at any time, which enhances the satisfaction towards the university from freshmen and their parents, and also strengthens the fundamental administration.