Nanjing University of Finance & Economics: Stepping into the no-card era with NFC Campus Smart Card


When the freshmen enrolled in Nanjing University of Finance & Economics this year, the Card Center was crowded with many students who went there to deal with business of NFC Campus Smart Card. After receiving the campus smart card provided by Nanjing Telecom, they can immediately open the campus card, Nanjing citizen card, and quick pass card of Nanjing Bank if they use the mobile phones with NFC function provided by Nanjing Telecom. Student can enjoy life both inside and outside of campus through one card.

"NFC Campus Smart Card" of Nanjing University of Finance & Economics is jointly made by China Telecom, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, Nanjing citizen card company and Synjones company. In the thinking of mobile Internet, it fully cooperates with universities, banks, public institutions and other parties. With complementary advantages, it starts a profound practice of a new life based on Internet plus smart campus. The project of “NFC Campus Smart Card” of Nanjing University of Finance & Economics developed by Synjones combined with the existing information management platform, for the purpose of further improving the university management efficiency, facilitating the curriculum management for teachers, and making life and learning convenient for students, a modern “smart NanCai” is created, which promotes Nanjing University of Finances & Economics into a new era of no-card payment in the second half year.

During the enrollment in the past, students usually came to school with mobile phones, wallets, bank cards, campus cards, bus card, etc. It’s very troublesome because their wallets were stuffed to the brim. As soon as they use mobile phones with NFC function provided by Telecom, they can enjoy 24-hour service of the campus card system, bus card system, and the bank card system in full range.

The characteristics of NFC campus smart card are: 1. Simplified business processes, achieving the air recharging, air card-issuing and air card-changing; 2. Real-time business query, achieving real-time query on the information of the card; 3. Convenient operation, achieving online recharge payment and online business handling.

With the growth of “Internet plus” technology, the gradual combination of traditional and emerging technology, and creation of innovative industry ecosystem, NFC campus smart card creates a convenient life and happy campus for teachers and students in Nanjing University of Finance & Economics.