Wuxi National Software Park


Project requirements: compatible with Wuxi citizen card, consumption, portal, and third-party connection.

1. Cancel consumption function of one-card system. But it’s necessary to design an interface or analog POS machine to return consumption details (specific fields and methods provided by us). Consumption details can also be inquired, and consumption statement of each business shops (business statistics, financial statements) can also be counted through only correlation between the identity card number and UID number.

2. Integrated business system adds UID number of citizen card and physical card number. Generation method of UID number is by provided by citizen card company. UID number and physical card number are recorded by reading card or manual entry during the account opening. Other information, such as name, nationality, ID number, photos, are recorded by reading second generation ID card or manual entry. It cancels processes of writing cards during account opening, card changing, and account cancellation. It also cancels card authorization process.

3. It retains the function of identity authentication in one-card system, and provides functions of account synchronization, identity authentication, reporting the loss, reporting the retrieval, consumption, and recharging (retained) for third-party access. At the same time, it collects details in third-party systems, such as access control, parking lots access records, and hotel check-in records. Personal consumption records and access records of the login users can be checked in the official website or OA platform.

4. It provides webservices interface, which carries out the functions of login verification, account synchronization, online payment, recharge, consumer records query, and third-party access records query.

Solutions: compatible with Wuxi citizen card, consumption, transfer, and third-party connection.

Citizen card center provides POS communication protocol; and Synjones is responsible for the development of the new POS program.

Two situations:

1. Being used in Synjones system: POS machine will upload details to Synjones system, so that Synjones system can save detailed records which are used to ensure the realization of related functions.

2. Being used in non-Synjones system: It is used fully in accordance with the POS function of citizen card center in this situation.