Chengdu Tianfu Software Park


Project requirements: account related projects, invoices receiving, subsidies granting, and statements related projects.

1. Insufficient account information. For example: if there is information of car, license plate number and others which can not be stored.

2. There are many departments, so it’s difficult to choose when opening an account;

3. During the process of opening an account, the second-generation ID card reader is not used. An account is opened slowly, and there’s hidden danger of incorrect personal information entry;

4. No repetition of ID card number is not limited in the process of open an account, so one ID card for only one account cannot be guaranteed.

5. Password keyboard is not used in the account opening process. Passwords are input by the operators who often input them wrongly, and they are easily stolen by others if they are dictated by the cardholders;

6. The account number can be used repeatedly. Access to parking lot system needs to retain the original account information, and needs the only logo which is not used repeatedly;

7. Enterprise grants subsidies to employees’ card account monthly, and it needs invoice reimbursement for this part of expenditure;

8. Enterprise grants subsidies to employees monthly. The current process is that the enterprise reports subsidy details to one-card center monthly, and the subsidy is granted to one account after another by the operators. It increases workload of the operators, and it is easy to make mistakes in this process. Therefore, there is urgent demand for new processes to solve this problem;

9. Currently, two merchant systems are installed within the park, which belong to different dining halls. There are merchants in the park who have businesses in both dining halls, so statements need to be printed separately in the integrated business. And they cannot be printed according to the merchants, so it is inconvenient to use.

10. Third-party interface of one-card in the park is provided in way of DLL. Park develops Web programs based on this interface, which are more difficult to call;

Solutions: account related projects, invoices receiving, subsidies granting, and statements related projects.

1. Insufficient account information. Add customized fields in one-card account, more specifically, 4 BIT type fields, 4 INT type fields, and 4 VARCHAR fields. Defines the customized fields in the integrated management; the customized fields can be used in the integrated business account opening and change; add the function of customized fields for the account obtaining in the third-party interface;

2. Problem of choosing a department. Add PINYIN abbreviation for the departments, so that users can choose the department according to PINYIN abbreviation. More specifically, generate departmental abbreviations in the integrated management department configuration; and use the abbreviation to choose department in theintegrated business account opening.

3. During the process of opening an account, the second-generation ID card is not used. Increase the use of second-generation ID card readers in some account openings and modifications.

4. Problem of uniqueness of ID card number. Restrict the uniqueness of ID card number when opening an account to ensure that an identity card can be used to open one account only;

5. Problem of not using password keyboards when opening an account. Increase the use of password keyboards when opening an account.

6. Problem of repeated use of account numbers. Modify the account opening process, so that account numbers cannot be used repeatedly;

7. Increase enterprise account and merchant account to issue enterprise cards and merchant cards. Enterprise account is associated with departments (level two) in one-card system; and merchant account includes several business groups. This classifies the transaction details into the concepts of enterprises and merchants. Invoice receiving ways of merchant website: for enterprises (by monthly), for individuals (by details), for enterprises and individuals (by monthly);

8. Enterprises submit subsidy missions (including details) through its website. When one-card operators confirmed that they have received corporate remittances, they use enterprise subsidies function in the integrated business to complete batch execution of the enterprise subsidy. Enterprises can check the processing status of the subsidy missions through its website;

9. Add merchant query conditions in grouping statistical table and meal times statistical table in the integrated business, package the original third-party interface WebService, and provide a convenient call interface;

Project implementation: platform hardware and software installation, web portals, self-service, and consumption system.

1. Hardware preparations: replace all one-card encryption locks with smart park encryption locks. Central platform, integrated management, integrated services, third-party interface, and merchant and enterprise website;

2. Integrated business needs to be equipped with: password keyboards and second-generation card readers. 117 card reader is originally equipped.

3. Merchant websites need to be equipped with 117 card reader;

4. Software preparation: Windows2003 SP2, and database SQL SERVER2008;

5. IIS6, Microsoft .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC3.0;